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Free Time at Home


Despite the feeling that everything is “monotonous” right now, plan your day so that work and leisure are separate. This gives you a boost for the other part of your day and provides some structure.


We always advise you to get sufficient exercise – Go for a run or to the gym! Thanks to the coronavirus, we can’t recommend the gym right now. But we wouldn’t be psychologists if we couldn’t come up with some alternatives!

Our TU Sport colleagues provide video tutorials for exercises to do at home: to avoid tense muscles, for relaxation in between calls and papers, and the opportunity to compete with other TU members. Have a look! 

Websites, such as FitForFun, provide an overview of what’s on offer online for those who so far haven’t used such apps. Since last week, gyms are often offering online classes and you can continue your classes with your familiar group or else start new ones.

Stay fit! Because physical exercise has a significant influence on mental health. And especially these days it’s important that we take particular care of this.


Even if it seems like everyone is having “time off” right now, it makes sense to structure your day. Because, of course, it’s not “time off”. That’s why relaxation can also be an important part of your daily routine, especially if you’re slouched at your desk a lot.

Our TU Sport colleagues have collected information and video tutorials for active breaks as well as relaxation routines.

The Techniker Krankenkasse health insurance fund has collected information on its website about different types of active relaxation. It also offers free audios that you can download – from Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Body Scan to Yoga. Well worth checking out!

How do I stay in touch? Technical Networking Tools

A problem shared is a problem halved if you welcome fellow students into your home. Start networking! This can be for studying together, a daily phone call or some other activity that gives you some company. So form a group and get talking! With:

meet@innocampus (Jitsi based): A video conferencing app for sharing desktops, files, presentations.

Recommendations of Open Source Tools (often integrating Jitsi); collected at Bits&Bäume conference participants

Art and culture

Now that you’ve finally got plenty of time for art and culture you’re instead obliged to stay at home because of the coronavirus?

So that your eyes and ears don’t lose out, we’ve got a few recommendations for you:







Artists throughout the country are streaming concerts, organizing online discussion forums and opening their galleries online. Use what’s on offer on the WWW so you don’t feel completely isolated!

Help your 'hood: Neighborhood initiatives

Allow yourself a break from the latest news updates and take some time out for something else! Helping your neighbors, for example. There are various opportunities right now for helping out in the neighborhood, but please don’t forget the risk of infection and the importance of social distancing. For example, you can hang up a sign in the hallway and offer to do the shopping for people who can’t do it themselves or are particularly at risk.

Examples of neighborhood networks: 


You always wanted to learn a particular language but never found the time? Thanks to the coronavirus, this is now possible.

And thanks to Babbel too. Here’s a free offer for students:


Who knows? Perhaps you’ll already be speaking a new language on your next trip away. And your next trip away will definitely happen!

Online “parties”

Houseparty is a video telephony platform similar to Skype or FaceTime: Is this the order of the day and a great alternative to meeting in larger groups? :)

The special thing about it is that you don’t just chat with your friends but also with friends of friends bringing together a colorful mix of different people – just like at a house party. The app is suitable for iPhone and iPad, Android devices and macOS. An extension for the Google Chrome browser is also available for desktop computers.


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