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What is counseling?

Psychological Counseling – how we work

As we understand it, psychological counseling is not primarily about illnesses but offers support in finding strategies for overcoming difficult situations in life. 

During their studies, many students go through difficult phases in their personal lives or acute stressful or crisis situations that they can’t always get through on their own.

Often problems with studies are the reason students come to us, whether it’s fear of exams, problems writing papers, or difficulties dealing with their social environment. However, depression is also a common reason students come to our office. Burn-out is a frequent topic: The pressure to perform well is often the underlying cause due to the challenging curricula, the exams that take place throughout the semester, and the necessity to constantly obtain graded credit points.



What possibilities for psychological counseling support are there at the TU Berlin?

In general, there are two possibilities for support and assistance: individual consultations or participation in a group. All offers are free of charge and confidential.

Individual consultations

In an individual counseling session, you can speak openly about your current situation. We will then try to analyze it together with you and find ideas for solutions. We listen, we ask questions, we repeat what we have understood, we make suggestions, and we consider possible measures and paths. This can be a first step to change, e.g. making a decision. Or we can give you a person to turn to, e.g. another counseling institution, self-help groups, or psychotherapists. Your concerns will be treated confidentially.

The Psychological Counseling Service cannot offer long-term psychotherapy. Most people who come for advice can get help in solving their problems with a set number of individual sessions. If necessary, however, we can answer all your questions on out-patient psychotherapy and help you to find a suitable psychotherapist.

Participation in a group

For problems related to your studies, we offer groups in which you can learn new ways of dealing with the problem and change your behavior, e.g. on the topic of fear of exams. The number of participants is limited for most groups in order to enable you to deal with the problem personally in a trusting environment.



How can I contact the counseling service?


For an appointment, please write us an E-Mail. We will reserve 50 minutes for you when you make an appointment. The average waiting time for an appointment is around 2-3 weeks.

Special offers

  • Campus El Gouna: For students and instructors from the Campus El Gouna, we can offer online counseling using red medical. For an appointment, please send an e-mail to psychologische-beratung@tu-berlin.de.
  • International students: We offer individual counseling in English.

You also have the opportunity to contact the Psychological-Psychotherapeutic Counseling Service of the Studierendenwerk or in urgent cases call the Berlin Crisis Service (Berliner Krisendienst).



Who can contact the Psychological Counseling Service?

The Psychological Counseling Service is open to TU Berlin students and prospective students who are having difficulty making a decision.



Who does the Psychological Counseling?

Counseling is done by our experienced psychologists. We are a team of 6 clinical psychologists. All our counseling services are strictly confidential. 




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