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How can I access module lists and module descriptions?

Each degree program is made up of modules consisting of one or more courses. All modules on offer at TU Berlin can be publicly accessed (i.e. without the use of a login) at  https://moseskonto.tu-berlin.de/moses/  Students also use the MOSES portal to register for tutorials at the start of each semester. You need to log in with your personal tubIT-Account to do so.

What are modules

Each degree program comprises modules consisting of one or more courses. The module list provides an overview of which modules need to be completed as part of a degree program and how you can select them. This can change if the study and examination regulations (StuPO) for a degree program change, which is why various versions exist. The latest version always applies to new students. The detailed module descriptions provide information concerning the content, learning outcomes, participation requirements, the amount of work involved, methods of examination and much more besides.

A quick guide to accessing the module lists and module descriptions

  • Call up the Modultransfersystem in MOSES
  • Select Studiengang (degree program)
  • Select Studien- und Prüfungsordnung (study and examination regulations) - the latest version always applies for new students
  • Select the semester

Then generate a PDF file showing a detailed break-down of the degree program (Studiengangsaufbau) and module catalogue (tick the box to include the latter) and then click on the button to download. Alternatively click on the individual components of the degree program (Studiengangsbereiche), and then on the individual modules, which will appear below.

Step by step: How can I view the module list for a degree program?


Click on the module transfer system (MTS) on the top left of the welcome screen.


Click on Studiengang suchen in the navigation on the left to select the degree program.


Enter the desired subject or degree program in Suchtext. If you already know which faculty offers this degree program and which qualification you wish to study for, you can also enter this information. The search still functions, however, without entering this information.
Then search by clicking on Suchen.


The degree programs and degree qualifications available for your search text are now shown.
By clicking on one of the Spaltenüberschriften the results can be sorted by the relevant column (e.g. by the type of degree qualification).
Then click on the right hand side on the magnifying glass on the line for the course you are interested in.


The basic information concerning the selected degree program is now shown.
To access the module list, you now have to select the appropriate study and examination regulations (stuPO). New students should always select the latest version.


Select one of the available module lists
WS = winter semester
SS = summer semester


The appropriate module list is now shown. The overview shows you how many modules are available as compulsory, compulsory optional and elective modules respectively .
By clicking on the small arrow next to the component, you can view the sub-components (if there are any).
The relevant modules are listed in the view below.

Step by step: Where do I find the detailed module descriptions?


Follow the steps above to view the module list.
Clicking on one of the Studiengangsbereiche or degree components reveals the overview of the relevant modules.




Clicking on a module shows the detailed module description.

Step by step: How can I download the module list and module descriptions as a PDF file?


The module list can also be downloaded as PDF file. Follow steps 1-6 (see above) and then click on the appropriate button to generate the file and click again to download it.If you would like the PDF file to include the detailed descriptions of all modules on the degree program as well as the module list, first tick the box next to PDF-Datei soll Modulkatalog enthalten.




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