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Environmental Planning (Umweltplanung)




Master Program Environmental Planning (Umweltplanung)
Master of Science
4 semesters
Credit points
120 ECTS
Starts in
Winter semester

Our environment is constantly changing. Humans and nature must adapt – be it due to an increase in greenhouse gases, competing new land uses, dwindling biodiversity or rapid urbanization. Environmental Planning offers the skills and methods to react to these changes. Our goal is to coordinate human demands on our natural environment in an efficient and ecologically sound way in order to ensure sustainable development.

Postgraduates studying Environmental Planning at the TU Berlin will learn to meet the challenges posed by a fast changing world and environment. This is achieved by the degree program’s interdisciplinary approach and also by multifaceted cooperations with partners from the public and private sector. Furthermore, the program teaches a cross-section of skills essential to environmental planners including ecological, creative, social engineering, and planning know-how. This allows students to develop competences in landscape planning, environmental assessment, nature and biodiversity conservation, environmental economics, remote sensing, and in handling geographic information systems.

The program puts a strong focus on two study projects, each of them lasting one term. Innovative planning or research problems are addressed in small groups. In these projects, students not only gain technical expertise, but are also given the opportunity to further develop their time management, communicative and analytical skills. Our Masters in Environmental Planning provides for an innovative and stringent program. The balance between structural guidelines and a broad range of elective courses encourages personal development.

This course is targeted towards anyone with an interest in environmental issues and the design, construction and conservation of public and private parks or open spaces. The Bachelor of Science constitutes an initial qualification for anyone who wishes to shape tomorrow’s environment. It forms the basis for continuing academic study. Our master programs Landscape Architecture, Environmental Planning and Urban Ecology are all based on this bachelor course. With these advanced degrees graduates can attain leadership positions.

Job openings for qualified assistant positions are found in design and planning offices, in public administration or in research and teaching. Graduates are also qualified to work in international development aid programs, organizations, the media or in politics. However, in Berlin and the rest of Europe graduates are not recognized as fully-accredited landscape architects until registered with the „Architektenkammer“, the requirement for which is a masters degree. A bachelor of science degree forms the basis for the masters degree program at the TU Berlin.


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