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Industrial Economics (MInE)

Masterstudiengang Industrial Economics (MInE)
Master of Science
4 Semester
120 ECTS
örtlicher NC
Deutsch / Englisch

The Master Industrial Economics (MInE) is a two-year program dealing with the economic analysis of network industries and infrastructure management. 

It addresses you, especially if you are a young graduate (normally holding a bachelor degree). Also, as an academically trained young professional returning to the university you can acquire theoretical and methodological knowledge and expertise regarding network industries at MINE and thus qualify for new professional challenges. The MINE program places emphasis on theoretical training (e. g., industrial organization, contract theory, regulation theory), on quantitative, experimental and empirical research as well as on applied economic analysis from a policy perspective. Furthermore, legal modules (e. g. competition law, regulation law, public procurement law) are offered as well as techno-economic components with respect to specific sectors (e.g. transportation, energy, telecommunication). In addition to the compulsory courses, a number of electives are available with a wide range of courses offered. These options aim to give the opportunity to focus on either theoretical or applied courses.

All in all the program prepares participants for e.g. the following career opportunities:

  • Taking part in a Ph.D. Program in Berlin (DIW Berlin, BDPEMS)
  • Academic careers in universities and research institutes
  • Employment in private or public enterprises, such as utilities, consultancies, and banks, or in areas like regulation or strategic management
  • Careers in administration (e. g. regulatory authorities, Federal and State ministries and the European Commission)



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