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Philipp Schwartz Initiative

The Philipp Schwartz Initiative enables universities and research institutions in Germany to request funds from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to host researchers at risk. Nominations can be submitted for researchers from countries outside of the EU who are demonstrably at risk; self-nomination is not possible.

Scholarships can be awarded to successfully nominated at-risk researchers for a period of up to 24 months. An application for an extension of up to 12 months may be made during the initial fellowship period in the framework of a co-financing model. Scholarships can be applied towards a research fellowship or contractual employment.

Application requirements

Researchers who are demonstrably at risk – irrespective of discipline and country of origin – are eligible for sponsorship and must

  • submit proof of at-risk status. This can be verified either by 1. a residence status in the context of an asylum-granting procedure within the EU that confirms a recognized threat or 2. a credible threat assessment issued by a third party, such as the Scholars at Risk Network (SAR) or the Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA) within the previous 12 months.
  • have confirmation of supervision from an academic mentor at TU Berlin including confirmation there is a workspace available for the researcher to use. This mentor must work in the applicant’s field of research.
  • have completed a doctorate or comparable academic degree (PhD, CSc or equivalent)
  • not be or have been resident outside their own country for more than five years at the time of application
  • have the language skills required to successfully conduct their research projects
  • have academic qualifications (e.g. publications)
  • have the potential to be integrated in the (broader academic) employment market

Application procedure

Applications must be submitted through the host professor together with the TU Berlin officer for refugee affairs. If you do not yet have a contact person or mentor, please contact the Centre for Junior Scholars at TU Berlin.

The call for applications in the 12th round is closed. The 13th call for applications will be delayed until June 2023.  More information and program documents can be found here.


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